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Location based services to engage your mobile audience

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Now there Is ONE platform to unite the world of location based marketing

Easily enhance your marketing strategy with the best in class location based services provider. The RoamingAround platform is the first mobile software solution with the power to enable any organization to leap the bounds of traditional marketing and tap into the limitless possibilities of location based Marketing.

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Smart Destinations

location-based services are a cornerstone for interacting with tourists and citizens alike

Get started with a free Mobile App branded to your destination with complete access to our Location-based Marketing Platform including the use of geofences and BLE beacons. What is Destinations by RoamingAround? RoamingAround has tailored our Enterprise Location-based Services Platform for CVB’s and Destinations. We provide a turnkey, branded destination app for iOS/Android that includes the…

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  • Location-Based Mobile Ordering

Location-Based Mobile Ordering

The Natural Evolution of Customer Service

Customer service businesses must engage their customers where the money is: on their mobile device!​ With 6 billion people worldwide said to own a mobile phone, rare is the occasion that anyone heads out to the casino, hotel pool, a sporting event, or an evening of dining and drinks, without their preferred mobile device in hand. The…

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Locationing Services

Indoor and Outdoor Location Based Technology

Integrate GPS, BLE and Wi-Fi for the most accurate and seamless indoor and outdoor Locationing services. Through exclusive partnerships with Extreme Networks, Mist Systems, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus Wireless, RoamingAround can now integrate GPS, BLE and WiFi to create the most robust mobile engagment platform availble in the marketplace. Would you like to learn how you can integrate your existing…

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Location Based Ordering

Impress your guests - Deliver whatever they want wherever they want it

RoamingAround's Location Based Ordering solution allows a guest to order anywhere and have it delivered to where they are with real-time location updates for the staff. By integrating mobile apps with beacons and applying a complex algorithm known as trilateration, hotel staff can deliver food and beverage anywhere on premise, whether it be by the pool, on a patio or…

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WiFi Locationing

The Next-Generation of Geolocation Through WiFi Integration

WiFi Locationing combined with traditional GPS and BLE Beacons creates the most dynamic platform for capturing big data and customer preferences Most Geolocation platforms rely solely on GPS and BLE Beacons for locationing services. Through an exclusive partnership with Extreme Networks, Mist Systems, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus Wireless, RoamingAround can now utilize your existing WiFi infrastructure to create the next-generation of mobile engagement. By…

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6 Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Use Geolocation

Geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step for your business

It’s no longer a question of IF but WHEN your business will need to make the leap into Location Based Marketing (LBM, commonly referred to as geolocation). With the proper tools and planning, geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step in the growth and development of your business. There are many ways you…

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Interactive Location Aware Digital Signage

Enhanced engagement and awareness through personalized messaging

The most responsive digital signage software available on the market today   Easily add location based marketing services to your digital signage network. Drive up customer engagement on all your displays by adding a single, flexible and powerful geolocation platform to your digital signage program. Show advertisers real results, reporting and analytics Attract more advertisers and…

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