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    Location based services to engage your mobile audience

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    Get in the game

    Now there Is ONE platform to unite the world of location based marketing

    Easily enhance your marketing strategy with the best in class location based services provider. The RoamingAround platform is the first mobile software solution with the power to enable any organization to leap the bounds of traditional marketing and tap into the limitless possibilities of location based Marketing.

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    6 Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Use Geolocation

    Geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step for your business

    It’s no longer a question of IF but WHEN your business will need to make the leap into Location Based Marketing (LBM) or commonly referred to as geolocation. With the proper tools and planning, geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step in the growth and development of your business. There are many…

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    Digital Signage Platform

    Enhanced engagement and awareness through personalized messaging

    The most responsive digital signage software available on the market today   Easily add location based marketing services to your digital signage network. Drive up customer engagement on all your displays by adding a single, flexible and powerful geolocation platform to your digital signage program. Show advertisers real results, reporting and analytics Attract more advertisers and…

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    Small Business Platform

    Rapidly adopt a full suite of location based marketing capabilities

    Nothing is SMALL when it’s YOUR BUSINESS IMPROVED REVENUE and ACCELERATED GROWTH - The only things that matter The next-gen tools and tech once reserved for the largest companies and biggest brands can now be easily accessed by you and your team GEOLOCATION has never been EASIER or more ACCESSIBLE RapidApp easily converts your mobile optimized website…

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    Food and Beverage

    Impress Your Guests - Deliver whatever they want wherever they want it

    Location-based Marketing Engages Hoteliers with Their Guests — It's Real and it's Real Easy RoamAbout was created specifically for hospitality marketers to impress and reward their guests. Hoteliers can strategically target mobile-dependent customers using personalized messaging to truly engage and deliver an elite level of guest satisfaction. To tap into the power of location based marketing,…

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    Bridge the Digital Universe with the Brick-and-Mortar Store

    Engage consumers through the entire purchase cycle. They will visit more, stay longer, and become loyal to your brand While the physical store still remains the foundation of retail, the consumer shopping experience now begins online. RoamAbout allows you to utilize Geodata to begin engagement whether a consumer is at home or around block. Retailers can guide the experience…

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    Hotels and Casinos

    An invitation for guests to explore your unique style of hospitality and entertainment

    Any venue that offers gaming, fine dining, night life, or daily promotions and entertainment - will find tremendous value in adopting ONE streamlined platform to manage all mobile marketing initiatives. Now you can improve service and guest satisfaction by engaging customers on their mobile devices. Your clientele will be sure to find exactly what they…

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    CVBs and Destinations

    It's a beautiful day to connect, engage, and explore the neighborhood

    Our Geolocation platform gives every visitor The Key to your city The RoamingAround platform is designed to connect visitors with the commerce of your destination by showcasing the finest attractions, cultural institutions and businesses your community has to offer. Our streamlined Location-based Marketing solution is the perfect way to attract more visitors by providing them with everything…

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