6 Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Use Geolocation

Geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step for your business

6 Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Use Geolocation

Geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step for your business

It’s no longer a question of IF but WHEN your business will need to make the leap into Location Based Marketing (LBM, commonly referred to as geolocation). With the proper tools and planning, geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step in the growth and development of your business. There are many ways you can start with location based marketing today; no matter if your plan is to implement a sophisticated beacon program or simply want to send a message to your customers’ mobile device. Many businesses are intimated or confused on how they can actually use a geolocation platform, so here is how it works.

1. Preference Manager - What You & Your Customers Need To Know

The foundation of the RoamingAround platform is our Preference ManagerWhat’s old is new again - know your customers, talk to customers about what they’re interested in! The only difference is that now you are communicating in the digital arena. Whether you are using your existing customer database or building one from the bottom up, the RoamingAround LBM platform gives you the ability to keep a dynamic data base of “all the things your customers like.”


2. Don’t Call It An App – The Next Generation Of Customer Engagement

Sick of hearing about “Apps”? You’re not alone! “App Fatigue” is prevalent in the marketplace for consumers and business owners alike. Regardless if you have an app or don’t, it has never been easier to add location based services to your marketing game plan. Any business can mobilize in two ways; install the RoamingAround Software Development Kit (SDK) in your existing app or use RapidApp, a mobile app like that converts your mobile friendly website into a fully functioning location based marketing platform. There is no need to overhaul what is already working for you - geolocation should be be viewed as a compliment to your portfolio of marketing tools.


3. Coupons & Offers – Tap, Save, Redeem & Share

Coupons aren't going anywhere... they are just going mobile. Coupons are only becoming more ubiquitous with the advent LBM. Instead of sending paper offers, save money on postage and send digital coupons customers want and are easier to redeem. Customers can send and share offers with friends, family, post on social media and more.

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4. Location, Location, Location…Geo Fences, iBeacon, Eddystone, Wi-Fi, BLE

Don’t be intimidated by the plethora of hardware out there. When you learn to love “location” you will see how compatible these pieces can be. You’ll soon see that mobile marketing is down right fun…and very cool. With the RoamingAround platform, Geo fences and Beacon Fences can be drawn, dragged and dropped anywhere in the world with a few clicks. These fences can cover an entire city or the corner of your store. When a customer “breaks” the fence they can be sent a message of your choosing.

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5. Location Based Ordering – Click, Order, Pickup N’ Go

Let your customers order what they want, when they want it - all from your app. This can be used in retail, hardware, customer service, software, rental, real estate, restaurants and more.  Already have a store on-line? Keep using it - you can integrate a solution that notifies staff that a customer is near and so they ready the order for pick up.

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6. Digital Signage – Go Behind The Screen

Turn a good looking display into a new interactive revenue stream. If the only thing your digital signage can do do is flip through images, you are missing the big picture. With geolocation you can display personalized content based on the preferences of the customer looking at the sign. Give your customers new ways to discover products and make better purchase decisions while in-store. You can and then follow up and re-market with new offers and announcements that are sent to their mobile phone when they have been away for too long.

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RoamingAround has created a mobile marketing platform with a primary focus on leveraging location technologies. We enable businesses to create campaigns, market with intelligence and build loyalty in ways that have never been available until now. RoamingAround has already partnered with the most forward thinking brands and companies around the world…want to be next?  We invite you to explore our application in a creative way over the next 60 days and save big. We can develop a mobile marketing initiative that is right for your business and the customers you serve.

Are you ready to get in the game?  The only limitation is your imagination!

Vist us at the Boston Small Business Expo. For one day only, on April 7 2016, text: SmallBiz to 68277 for an extended offer and consultation.