Food and Beverage

Impress Your Guests - Deliver whatever they want wherever they want it

Food and Beverage

Impress Your Guests - Deliver whatever they want wherever they want it

Location Based Ordering Engages Hoteliers with Their Guests — It's Real and it's Real Easy.

The RoamingAround Location Based Ordering involves integrating mobile apps with beacons and applying a complex algorithm known as trilateration. The end result is the ability for hotel staff to deliver food and beverage anywhere on premise, whether it be by the pool, on a patio or in the lobby. Location Based Ordering impresses hotel guests and supports hotel staff. Everyone agrees that this Location Based Marketing solution is solving a challenge while improving customer service. Geolocation is not a fancy theory – it’s a real, practical solution.

Picture your guests in a lounge by the poolside, with empty Mai Tai glasses and smartphones by their side.

They message a server, she answers quite quickly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Little umbrellas of yellow and green, swoop in from above their heads.

There goes the server with the app on her phone, she's gone and will be back again.

Service from the sky with a smile a mile wide.

Would you like to learn how you can get started with Location Based Ordering?  Contact sales at 978.777.8787 ext. 1  or fill out the contact form and schedule a live demo.

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Build trust by maintaining a Database of all the things your guests like best

Whether guests are interested in food and beverage, spa, wellness, nightlife, golf, local attractions, or just looking to find an exercise partner -  the Profile Manager will continuously dive deeper into the preferences of your guests to convert them into loyal, repeat customers.


Engage guests throughout the property

Welcome guests as they enter the front lobby, restaurant, or spa. Beacons give you the ability to send special messages, offers, and incentives directly to guests as they enter any location of interest. RoamingAround will work with you to create, manage, and analyze a custom beacon-powered mobile marketing campaign.



Add Geolocation and Geofencing to your portfolio of marketing tools 

Tap into the power of location-based marketing by outfitting your existing website or mobile app with the RoamAbout RapidApp. Your hotel will immediately have the ability to send Geotargeted messages to increase guest engagement with your brand.


Create the 'Guest Journey' and set up a rewarding experience of discovery

Generate location based messages to welcome guests (or groups of guests!) through the Campaign Manager Dashboard. All parameters and segments are easily set up through a user friendly and intuitive interface.



Know WHERE your guests are. Give them WHAT they want... WHEN they want it

Enhance the guest experience by helping them find exactly what they are looking for…or discover what they didn't know they were missing. Welcome your VIP arrivals by air, car, or while they’re walking towards the entrance; and have the ability to thank them for their patronage upon departure.


Send the right message

Make your guests feel loved by delivering targeted offers, incentives, and  VIP rewards. Send useful and relevant content through their preferred method of communication via: Push, SMS/Text Message, MMS, In-app notification and Email.


Propel your hotel above the competition with the smartest engines available  

The Rules and Communication Engines provide you with the power to deliver digital content to guests based on parameters that YOU decide. Customize and segment content based on guest preferences - in terms of the time of day, day of the week, guest loyalty level...and much, much more!