CVBs and Destinations

It's a beautiful day to connect, engage, and explore the neighborhood

CVBs and Destinations

It's a beautiful day to connect, engage, and explore the neighborhood

Give your visitors new ways to explore your destination and expand your economy with Locationing technology

RoamingAround's Destination App uses Geolocation to connect visitors with the commerce of your community by showcasing the finest attractions, cultural institutions and businesses your neighborhood has to offer.

Learn how you can provide a mobile app to visitors that will put all of the local information at their fingertips while generating more revenue!  Call us today at 978.777.8787 or complete the form below to transform your destination.

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Ready to get in the game?

Create a lasting relationship with your visitors by building a Database of all the things they love about your community

Give your visitors something to write home about! Whether visitors are interested in shopping, food and beverage, nightlife, golf, museums, local attractions or looking to find a Yoga group, the Profile Manager will continuously dive deeper into their preferences. Visitors will go home, share their superlative experience with their friends and keep coming back year after year.


Bridge the digital world with your best Brick-and-Mortar institutions

Engage with visitors as they enter certain restaurants, hotels or retailers. Beacons give you the ability to send special messages, offers and incentives when they enter any location of interest. RoamingAround will work with you to create, manage and analyze a custom beacon-powered mobile marketing campaign.


Add Geolocation and Geofencing to create a journey of discovery and adventure

Tap into the power of location based marketing by outfitting your existing website or mobile app with the RoamAbout RapidApp. You will immediately have the ability to send Geotargeted messages to increase visitor engagement, exploration and satisfaction.


Write the rules to engage with visitors at the right time and place

Generate location-based messages to welcome visitors or groups of visitors through the Campaign Manager dashboard. Visitors will be able to explore deeper into your unique culture and history. All parameters and segments are easily set through a user friendly and intuitive interface.


Know WHERE your visitors are. Give them what they WANT...WHEN they want it

Enhance the experience of your destination by helping visitors find exactly what they are looking for...or discover what they didn't know they were missing. Welcome arrivals by air, car or walking and make them feel like they have been awarded with the Key to the City.


Make a lasting first impression with a warm welcome

Make visitors feel welcomed and loved in a "foreign land" by delivering targeted offers, incentives and VIP rewards. Send useful and relevant content through their preferred method of communication via: Push, SMS/Text Message, MMS, In-app notification and Email.


Propel your destination to World Class level with the smartest engines on earth  

The Rules and Communication Engines provide the power to deliver digital content to visitors based on the parameters that you decide. Customize and segment content based on preferences like: time of day, day of week, dwell time, loyalty level...unknowns and more.

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