Engagement Portal

Campaigns • Messaging • Offers • Business Rules • Audience Builder

Engagement Portal

Campaigns • Messaging • Offers • Business Rules • Audience Builder

The RoamingAround Location & Engagement Portal is a simple and singular interface to engage, understand, influence, and serve users via their mobile devices


What would you like to achieve? Create a campaign where you can manage your marketing activities and communications.

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How would you like to reach your audience? Your Mobile Engagement Notifications can be delivered via Push and SMS.


What do you want to promote? Create offers that influence your audience to take a specific action. 

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Who do you want to communicate with? Choose the preferences and attributes that guarantee that users are receiving information on the things they like.


When and where do you want to reach your users? Choose the time and place where your message will be recieved.

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The RoamingAround difference?

When you provide mobile users with real value, they trust the relationship. If you don’t spam them with communications not relevant to their interests, they will stick with your app while you build loyalty along the way.