Bridge the Digital Universe with the Brick-and-Mortar Store


Bridge the Digital Universe with the Brick-and-Mortar Store

Engage consumers through the entire purchase cycle. They will visit more, stay longer, and become loyal to your brand

While the physical store still remains the foundation of retail, the consumer shopping experience now begins online. RoamAbout allows you to utilize Geodata to begin engagement whether a consumer is at home or around block. Retailers can guide the experience from the street, through the aisles, and right up to the point of purchase.

Learn how you can use Location Based Technology to create new business that otherwise would have walked right past your door.  Call us NOW at 978.777.8787 ext. 1 or complete the form below.

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Get more customers in your store!

An App Walked into a Store...

Now what? RoamingAround's in-store shopping experience is enhanced by utilizing Beacons, NFC, RFID and interactive digital signage. By focusing on optimizing the Geodata, consumers never feel spammed. The key to elevating the consumer process is to send messages that enhance - not diminish - the shopping experience. RoamAbout provides you with the intelligence and key considerations to send useful offers and information while learning preferences that you can leverage for future segmentation and retargeting.

Whether you are a custom boutique shop or department store, RoamAbout can outfit your business with the same mobile strategies that retail giants like Target, Simon Mall, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor have implemented in order to succeed in the realm of physical retail.


Build loyalty to your brand by maintaining a Database of all the things your customers love

Whether your customers are interested in certain brands, sale items or the newest inventory, the Profile Manager will continuously dive deeper into the preferences of consumers to convert them to loyal, repeat customers. 


Get more In-Store. Engage customers throughout their journey

Welcome customers upon entrance or when they are near sale items. Beacons give you the ability to send special messages, offers and incentives when customers are in proximity to items of interest as determined by their preference. RoamingAround will work with you to create, manage and analyze a custom beacon-powered mobile marketing campaign.


Add Geolocation and Geofencing to your portfolio of marketing tools 

Tap into the power of location based marketing by outfitting your existing website or mobile app with the RoamAbout RapidApp. Your store will immediately have the ability to send GeoTargeted messages to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. 



Direct the customer experience and set up a rewarding journey of discovery

Generate location-based messages tailored to particular consumer types through the Campaign Manager dashboard. All parameters and segments are easily set through a user friendly and intuitive interface.


Know WHERE your customers are. Give them WHAT they want...WHEN they want it

Enhance the customer experience by helping them find exactly what they are looking for...or lead them to discover what they didn't know they were missing. Engage your VIP customers when they are around the block or at a competitors store. Thank them for their business and keep them coming back.


Make a lasting impression by sending a special message

Make all of your customers feel like VIP's by delivering targeted offers, incentives and rewards. Send useful and relevant content through their preferred method of communication via Push, SMS/Text Message, MMS, Email*. The more the app learns, the more personalized the suggestions will be.

*Coming soon.


Propel your business beyond the competition with the smartest engines available  

The Rules and Communication Engines provide the power to deliver digital content to customers based on the parameters that you decide. Customize and segment content based on guest preferences like, time of day, day of week, dwell time, loyalty level...and much, much, more.