Small Business Platform

Rapidly adopt a full suite of location based marketing capabilities

Small Business Platform

Rapidly adopt a full suite of location based marketing capabilities


Nothing is SMALL when it’s YOUR BUSINESS'

IMPROVED REVENUE and ACCELERATED GROWTH - The only things that matter

The next-gen tools and tech, once reserved for the largest companies and biggest brands can now be easily accessed by you and your team.


RapidApp easily converts your mobile optimized website into a dynamic iphone & android app

If your business  has a website, you already have everything you need to add location based services to your marketing strategy.

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Your website was one of your GREATEST marketing investments - Now it's time to see a GREAT return

You will quickly have the capacity to collect customer preferences and history, track location, send offers/coupons and access robust reporting and analytics

The only limit is your imagination

Grab your users attention at the very moment they’re ready to explore your brand – and be amazed at the ways that GeoMarketing can increase on-the-spot purchasing and engagement

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Engage your customers. Send offers, incentives & coupons based on time or location - or both

SMS and Push - The Results are Real

See a 600% increase in app users by adding location-based services, like welcoming a shopper, suggesting products and displaying coupons

Businesses see a 5-8x increase in mobile coupon redemptions when coordinated with limited-time promotions 

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Get in the game - start your free 60 day trial today

It’s no longer a question of IF but WHEN your business will need to make the leap into Location Based Marketing. With the proper tools and planning, geolocation is not a quantum leap but a logical step in the growth and development of your business. There are many ways you can start with location based marketing today; no matter if your plan is to implement a sophisticated beacon program or simply want to send a message to your customers’ mobile device.